Bogu Kumite

Bogu Kumite is the Ryu Te version of full contact sparring.

The head gear is similar to Kendo gear and will prevent serious injury from strikes to the head.

In class the gear is used for training more than Ippon Kumite or one point sparring.  Putting the gear on helps students to understand the importance of blocking and to get the feeling of being hit.

Just because the gear is on does not mean that full contact is being used but it is a way to put training to a higher test when you know the training partner will hit you in the head if you don’t block.

As with everything in class the level of intensity will be adjusted to the students level.


Glenn in Bogu gear


2 thoughts on “Bogu Kumite

  1. Jack

    Please send me information on costs for your head-gear.
    Thank you / RSVP

    • Hello Jack, the gear you see is from Ryu Te Supplies run by some great people. Sahar and Saleem. You can find the site at — currently they are in the process of moving so you may have to send and email.

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